With the markets roiled by the chaos in the Mid East and the three pronged Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear tragedy I believe now is the time good advisors earn their keep. Although we can’t control markets we can at least be proactive in our communications. Toward that end, below is a link to a letter we sent to clients yesterday. We had been calling them over the last few days and will follow up this letter with a call by our investment committee tomorrow. This is all in conjunction with our inviting our clients to come in to the office where we update their MoneyGuidePro plan to review both how they are currently doing as well as reviewing the downside protection they might have based on their acceptable goals. It’s a process we followed during the Grand Recession and found our clients were immensely appreciative of our efforts.

This Client Letter (PDF) includes my current perspective on the market impact of the events in Japan, and a lengthy summary of the nuclear crisis as it has unfolded.

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