An Amazing Site – Well Worth a Visit

I’m a little slow sometimes on catching up on my reading but I finally had a chance to spend some time with one of my favorite information sources, Bob Veres. In addition to his invaluable publication, Inside Information, Bob sends out a regular “Bob Veres E-Column” and it’s here I learned about the CR Gallery, a collection of current graphs from the economics blog Calculated Risk. Follow Bob’s advice and go to “ –if you click on “graph galleries” at the top, you get a remarkable series of charts.” He goes on to describe what you’ll find “The first graphs job losses, on a percentage basis, for all recessions since World War II, and of course the current recession is dramatically different from all the others. Others track new homes sales since 1963, existing home sales, home prices (the runup from 2000 to 2007 or so is pretty interesting), a variety of manufacturing and industrial indices, a variety of GDP statistics (you get one chart, and can see a bunch of others on the bottom, relating to the same theme), retail sales, the Consumer Price Index and more.” It is indeed well worth a visit.

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